Friday, July 1, 2011

I MiSs it vErY mUcH!

oh, i really miss it
i don't know how to express my feeling right now
it appears in my dream
the sound, the smell, the colour, the shape, I still remember all of that
somebody, please help me!!
[ just kidding, because i don't know how to write my intro ] 
i'm sorry~

it's have been too long not playing and practicing bowling with my lovely family
i'm not very sure whether I still remember the skills and technique or not
i hope that, i will not throw the ball into the drain
oh no!! so shame!!!

i don't know what had happened with my bowling shoe and ball
since i had left them about 3 months ago, [maybe lah]
i don't know whether the shoe still fit to my leg or not
i hope it will fit or else i must rent from the centre...hurm~
maybe i can spend some time either weekend or public holiday with my family
just to have some joy and fun
by playing bowling....
i hope so~

[ mom, dad, haziq and nabil, let's play bowling just like usual~ ]

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