Thursday, July 14, 2011

mY nEw FriEnDs (^_*)~

now, i'm staying here
i get to know many new friends
a few weeks ago, we went to "a lake"'s far away...thousand mile from our college...
it will take a few day to get there..
so, after a week struggle for quiz, tutorial, study..
we went there to have some relax
we get to know more about each other,
here we are
we are six members all together
i want to introduce my new roomate
from left to the right
the girls in green t-shirt, amirah
she is studying in accounting course
next is ain,
she is taking the medic course,
next is fatin, 
she is taking accounting course just like amirah,
next is aliya,
she is taking medic course same like ain,
one of my roomate is not in this picture is afiqah, 
she had some discussion with her friends,
and she is studying in science and technology course,
although we come from different course, 
but we can cooperate in our studying...
hopefully, we will excel in our study..insyaallah~
pray for all of us ya!!


what is aliya looking for?? maybe she had found golden fish...


  1. asal muka ak x der???kita kan bru kenal??? hihi...shbt yg baik membawa ke syurga..bnyak2 kutip ilmu ngan dorg ek~~~

  2. syera...nik nurul amirah which is ur housemate is one of my good fren since i am in primary school~~