Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ramadhan @ foreign country~

Ramadhan for this year a bit different from the previous,
because the first day of fasting, i didn't break fast with my family,
this is for the first time, so sad~ 
i'm far away from them for my studying,
but, i'll try to find my time, spending my time with my beloved family,

because of that, i'm trying to make the situation become more fun,
I want to enjoy Ramadan this year with friends to relieve feelings of sadness away from family,
but, it doesn't mean i didn't miss my family,
i miss them very, very, very, very (1000000X) much,

if i meet all of them, i feel something that make me sooooo happy,
my family is my inspiration,
thank you Allah for giving me this happy family,

the first day of Ramadhan, i went to Bazar Ramadhan with my friends,
just want to see what they are selling, 
but, i think, bazaar Ramadan here, cannot beat that in my hometown,
i think, it's much lively in my hometown with various type of food,
the bazaar also only a small one, compared to at my hometown,

on that day, i just buy chicken rice, roti john and corn juice,
when it was nearly to break the fast, my mind thinking of my family,
what were they doing on that time...
O Allah, give me strength to face this challenge....
 i'm trying to always think positive that, i'm here for one goal,
that is continuing my studies [Lillahi Taala...insyaAllah~],
thus, those are my challenges to archive my goal....  

to my family especially mom and dad, and all friends, thanks for all the support and motivation,
thank you so much...

selamat berpuasa....[happy ramadhan]~

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